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Управляйте проектами легко
Control anything
from a single window
Planning, tracking and completing any task for your team has never been easier
Train and adapt your team quickly and easily
Start with hundreds of pre-configured board templates and customize them
or create your own
Synchronize all communications
Collect all communication within the project environment to clarify the status less and work more on tasks
Build high-level reports
Give your team and management a great high-level overview
on a platform that does not require programming to see the results of the team's work from a bird's eye view

Create a shared workspace by combining tools you already work with

интеграция outlook, интеграция эксель

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Project management
High-level portfolio, decomposition of project tasks, scheduling
and resource management.
With reports, of course.
Hiring and adaptation of employees with pipeline visualization of the funnel, automatic sending of letters and documents, and a personal onboarding plan with reminders in mail or messenger.
CRM and sales
Collection of lead funnels, reports on various indicators, automatic sending of emails by event or by schedule. Feedback forms for posting on any resources.
Working with contractors
Separate work areas for contractors, customers or external team members.
Visibility limiting, end-to-end reporting, and free guest licenses.
Working with the frontline
Registration at the workplace, shift schedule, automatic calculation of bonuses and forecasting the production rate or sales plan. You can use your mobile.
Marketing and creativity
Simple approval of materials, automatic posting on social networks. Campaign planning, collection and analysis of results.

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